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18. Leron, Leron, Sinta

Leksyon  18       “Leron, Leron, Sinta”
Lesson 18            “Leron, Leron, Beloved”

I.          Mga Layunin:

Sa pagtatapos ng leksyon, ang mga estudyante ay inaasahang:
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:

1.         natutukoy ang ibig ipakahulugan ng awit
identify the meaning of the song
2.         nakikilala ang mga simbolong kultural at ekspresyong idyomatiko
recognize Filipino cultural icons and idiomatic expressions

3.         nagagamit ang mga simbolong kultural at idyomatikong ekspresyon sa pangungusap
use metaphors and idiomatic expressions in a sentence

II.        Kagamitan :
Awit: “Leron, Leron, Sinta”
            Song: “Leron, Leron, Beloved”
Mang-aawit: Nora Aunor

           Tagapaglathala: Public Domain
Isang awiting bayan ang kanta.  Tungkol ito sa pagligaw at ligawan.
The song is a folk song.  It is about courting and courtship.

III.       Pamamaraan

A.        Gawain Bago Makinig at Magbasa
                         Pre-listening and Reading Activity

Sa inyong palagay, anu-anong katangian ng lalaki ang gusto ng babae kung
liligaw ito sa kanya.  Isulat ang sagot sa espasyo sa ibaba.
In your opinion, what are the qualities of men that women like for a suitor?  Write your answer in the space provided below.

B.        Gawain Habang Nakikinig at Nagbabasa
                        While Listening and Reading  Activities   

1.            Awit, Salin at Bokabularyo
 Song, Translation and Vocabulary
Direksyon:       Pakinggan  ang awit at basahin nang tahimik ang  liriko ng awit. Pindutin ang you tube link ng awit habang binabasa ang liriko na   nasa ibaba nito. 
Direction:        Listen to the song and read the lyrics silently. Click the you tube link of    the song while reading the lyrics below.


 “Leron–Leron Sinta”

Original Text
English Translation
Leron, leron sinta
Leron, leron, my love,
buko ng papaya
Blossoms of the papaya tree
dala-dala’y buslo
With a bamboo basket (climbs tree)
sisidlan ng bunga
He'd gather some fruits.
pagdating sa dulo
When he reached the top,
nabali ang sanga
The  branch broke
kapos kapalaran
Oh what a trick of fate
humanap ng iba!
 He had to search for another!

Gumising ka Neneng
Wake up, Neneng,
tayo'y manampalok
Let’s pick some tamarind fruits
Dalhin mo ang buslo, 
Take the bamboo basket,
Sisidlan ng hinog
To put the ripe ones in
Pagdating sa dulo'y 
Upon reaching the top
The branches swayed
Kumapit ka Neneng, 
Hold on tight, Neneng,
baka ka mahulog.
As you might fall.

Ang iibigin ko’y,
I will love
lalaking matapang
a fearless man
Ang baril niya’y pito,
He got seven guns,
ang sundang ay siyam.
Nine knives
Ang lalakarin niy’a’y
The journey he will take,
parte ng dinulang.
Is the table distance
Isang pinggang pansit,
With a plate of pancit
ang kanyang kalaban!
The foe he will engage!

Bokabularyo – Vocabulary:
            1. Sinta - love 
            2. Buslo - basket
            3. Sisidlan - container
            4. Bunga - fruit
            5. Pagdating - upon arrival
            6. Nabali - broken
            7. Sanga - branch
            8. Kapos - insufficient
            9. Kapalaran -fate
            10. Humanap - to find
            11. Iba - others
            12. Halika - come
            13. Manampalok - to pick tamarind             
            14. Dalhin - bring
            15. Hinog - ripe
            16. dulo  - end
            17. indayog -moving  
            18. kumapit - hold on
            19. baka - maybe
            20. mahulog - drop
            21. ibigin - to love
            22. matapang  - courageous
            22. sundang - blade
            23. pito - seven
            24..baril - gun
            25. siyam - nine
            26. lalakarin - to walk
            27. parte - part
            28. dinulang - far
            29. isa - one
            30. pinggan - plate
            31. pansit - pancit
            32. akin - mine           
            33. kalaban - enemy

2.         Pagtalakay

A.        Kultural o Historikal na Impormasyon ng Awit
                                     Cultural or Historical Information of the Song 

"Leron, Leron, Sinta" is a folk song about courtship.   Courtship during the olden times entails serving and gift-giving of a man to the family of the woman he intends to court.  The act would certainly please the maiden's family and would endear the guy to them. Included in the service is picking of fruits, helping in the harvest of produce such as grains or vegetables, household services such us fetching of water and minor repairs in the house.  These acts show the man's sincerity in his intention.  Also, it proves to the woman's father his various skills and abilities.  Until the first five decades of the 20th century, these practices are still honored in some rural areas.

"Leron" may be a man's name or a term of endearment for a young man in any Tagalog speaking province. Someone called upon Leron to gather papaya fruits but instead of getting ripe ones he aimed for the buds.  When he got to the of the tree, the branch broke.

"Buko" means "bud" or the flowers.  No one should harvest flowers or bud because it will be wasted.  This means that Leron did not have the wisdom or the good judgment that his endeavor ended in disappointment.

"Neneng" is a term of endearment addressed to any young maiden in the Tagalog rural areas. As in the first stanza, the girl is summoned to gather tamarinds.  She climbed the tree and was warned to be careful as the branch is swaying and she might fall.  In courtship, young men and women are warned to be careful and obey their elders' advice.  Otherwise they may end up remorseful.

In the third stanza of the song, the man courting the woman wants to prove his courage.  There is, however, a twist in the song, because instead of proving himself in battlefield, the guy is going to prove how good his appetite is in eating.  This also shows Filipino sense of humor.  "Parte ng dinulang" refers to a place in the dining table (called "dulang" in the olden times.  This is a low table very much akin to the Japanese low table used for dining) which he can assign to himself.  His bravery, therefore, can be tested in eating the food offered to him.

B.        Istrukturang Gramatikal
                                    Grammatical Structure
The song has words or phrases considered as cultural icon or symbols. Some are idiomatic expressions.
                                    Symbol/Icon          English Equivalent               Meaning
                                    buko                        bud, flower                              someone young; not yet
                                    (symbol)                                                                ready for the task

                                    pagdating sa dulo    when you reach the end         upon reaching one's goals
                                    (metaphor)                                                                 in life
                                    nabali ang sanga           the branch broke              disappointment; failure

                                    kapos kapalaran            trick of fate                      disappointment; failure
                                    (idiomatic expression)

                                    hinog                              ripe                                 mature; someone with wisdom

                                    lalamba-lambayog        swaying                              maybe treading in dangerous
                                    (metaphor)                                                               grounds

                                    kumapit ka                    hold on to something             try to be secure

                                    parte ng dinulang         part of the dining table          "dulang" is a low table
C.        Gawain Pagkatapos Makinig at Magbasa

17. Kung Ako'y Mag-aasawa

Lesson 17            “If I am Going to get Married”

I.          Mga Layunin:


Sa pagtatapos ng leksyon, ang mga estudyante ay inaasahang:

At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:

1.         natutukoy ang ibig ipakahulugan ng awit

identify the meaning of the song


2.         nagagamit ang kung, ayaw at gusto sa pangungusap

use the if, don’t like, like in a sentence

3.         nakabubuo ng parirala gamit ang kung, gusto at ayaw

form phrases using if, like and don’t like


II.        Kagamitan :



Awit: “Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa”

            Song: “If I am Going to get Married”


Mang-aawit: Mabuhay Singers


            Musika ni: Juan Silos Jr.

            Music by:

            Liriko ni: Macario Ramos


Tagapaglathala: Ronaldo Villar, Suarez Music Publishing




Ang awit ay tungkol sa mga paghahanap ng babae ng mga katangian ng lalaking mapapangasawa


            The song is about the qualities of a husband that a woman is looking for.

III.       Pamamaraan


A.        Gawain Bago Makinig at Magbasa

                         Pre-listening ad Reading Activity

Ano-ano ang mga katangian ng mapapangasawa ang gusto mo? Isulat sa patlang ang lahat ng gusto mo.

What are the qualities of a husband/wife to be are you looking for? Write on the blank all the things that you like.


A.                 Gawain Habang Nakikinig at Nagbabasa

                                   While Listening and Reading  Activities  

1.         Awit, Salin at Bokabularyo

 Song, Translation and Vocabulary


Direction:        Listen to the song and read the lyrics silently. Click the you tube link of   the  song while reading the lyrics below.

                                    You Tube ng “Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa:”




“Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa”

Original Text
English Translation
Kung  ako’y mag-aasawa, ganda ng puso ang ibig ko
If I am to getting married, I want a kind- hearted person
At ako'y handa sa hirap, maging tuyo man ang ulam ko
I’d be ready for any difficulty, to eat dried fish for my meal
Ibig ko'y mapagpatawad kahit kung minsa'y mali ako
I want someone forgiving though sometimes I am wrong
Di ko ibig ang seloso, gabi at araw nang-gugulo
I don’t like an insecure guy who makes trouble night and day
Ang ibig ko sa lalaki ay laging mapagmahal
I want a guy who is always loving
Ayaw ko sa barumbado na agad nambubuntal
I don't like someone temperamental who is prone to hitting anyone.
Ibig ko ay cari┼łoso at laging romantiko
I want someone who is expressive of care; someone who is always romantic
‘Yan ba'y kaya mong idulot sa aking puso sabihin mo
If you can manage to promise these qualities to me, say so
Ay daig ang iyong pangarap
Indeed it surpasses ones dream
Kung ang pag-ibig ang nais mo
If it were love that you want
Gigiliwin kang parati sa bawat oras ng buhay ko
I will always be entertain you every hour of my life
Susuyuin ka sa tuwina lalo't ikaw ay nagtatampo
I’ll please you every time especially when you are ill at ease
At ano man ang 'yong utos ay buong pusong susundin ko
I will wholeheartedly obey all your commands
Papaypayan kita giliw, bubugawan ng lamok
I will be your fan when it is muggy, I will drive away mosquitoes
Susubuan sa pagkain, di tuyo kung 'di manok
I’ll feed you during mealtimes, not dried fish but chicken
Maghapon kang aawitan, at di ka malulungkot
I’ll sing for you all day so you will not be sad
Kung gabi'y ipaghehele, na parang beybing inaantok
I will cuddle you to sleep at night like a drowsy infant
Kung nagmamahal ang puso ay maramdamin kailanpaman
If you are in love, the heart is forever sensitive
Yan ang dapat mong malaman at wag limutin ngayon pa lang
That is what you need to know and should bear in mind from now on
Ang ibig ko sa asawa, ay ako lamang ang titingnan
I want loyalty from my spouse, his eyes are focused on me alone
Ayaw ko pag may dalaga na masalubong susulyapan
I don’t want him to look at maidens he chanced upon the road
Bakit pa ibang babae ang hahanapin upang tingnan?
Why does he need to stare at other women?
Kung ang kariktan mo giliw ang s'yang ibig masdan
Beloved, if you want me to stare at your beauty alone,
Pipikit ako sa kalye habang kita ay namamasyal
I’ll close my eyes while we are strolling around
Kahit na ako'y mahulog sa bawat butas ng imburnal
And it doesn’t matter if I fall at every manhole in the road
Kung ako'y mag-aasawa, ikaw na giliw ang ibig ko
If ever I’ll get married, it is you I want
Na maging kabiyak ng puso sa bawat araw ng buhay ko
To be my better half every day of my life
Sa gayo'y anong ligaya ang daranasin sa piling mo
In that way I would only experience happiness with you
Kung itong pag-aasawa'y maging mapalad dahil sa'yo
This marriage will be lucky because of you
Manalig ka, o giliw ko!
Have faith, my love!


 Bokabularyo - Vocabulary:

1.      Kung - if

2.      Ako - I

3.      Mag – aasawa - marry

4.      Ganda - beauty

5.      Puso - heart

6.      Ibig - love

7.      Handa - prepare

8.      Hirap – difficult

9.      Ulam - viand

10.  Mapagpatawad - forgiving

11.  Mali - wrong

12.  Seloso - jealous

13.  Gabi - night

14.  Araw - day

15.  Nanggugulo - troublemaker

16.  Lalaki - boy

17.  Mapagmahal - loving

18.  Barumbado - tempermental

19.  Nambubuntal - beat

20.  Karinyoso - loving

21.  Romantiko - romantic

22.  Idulot - impart

23.  Sabihin - tell

24.  Pangarap - dream

25.  Pag ibig - love

26.  Bawat - every

27.  Bubugawan – cast out

28.  Lamok - mosquito

29.  Ipaghehele - lull

30.  Inaantok - sleepy

31.  Susulyapan - glance

32.  Mahulog - fall

33.  Imburnal - sewer

34.  Piling - presence

35.  Manalig - believe

36.  Giliw - love

37.  Mapalad – lucky

2.         Pagtalakay


A.        Kultural o Historikal na Impormasyon ng Awit

                                     Cultural or Historical Information of the Song

To Filipino man or woman, marriage is the most difficult decision one can experience.  This is so because, being predominantly Christian (Catholic), marriage is considered permanent.  Hence, one has to be sure that the spouse to be is someone not just loved, but someone who can provide economic security.  The Filipino woman is also afraid that the man may turn out to be a bully, and therefore, may beat her.  This is true because she has seen domestic violence around her and would not like to be trapped in such a relationship. The woman may not see the man’s trait of being an abuser until they are already married.  During courtship, men only show positive traits to the women they are wooing.  They may, however, turn out to be womanizers or abusers as well.  So, in this song, the woman wants to hear her lover promise to be faithful, to be gentle and to love her.  In exchange, she promises to serve her, cook for her, drive away mosquitoes while he is asleep.  This may sound subservient.  But then, this is also a period song.

Marriage in the Philippines allows at least 18 years and above, with a grace period of 10 days after the application.

                        B.        Istrukturang Gramatikal

                                    Grammatical Structure

1.         Gusto or ibig  and the  negative form ayaw  are pseudo-verbs. They   are not true verbs because they are not inflected for aspect.  Verbless gusto/ayaw sentences do not require any ang      phrases  or topic. Both the actor and the object phrases     are marked by ng .Occasionally, objects are introduced by ang but actors are always introduced by ng.

                                                            Pseudo-verbs         actor                                  object

                                                            Gusto/ Ayaw         ko                                      mag-asawa

                                                                                                                                    ng babae

                                                                                                                                    ni Terry

                                                            Ayoko is a contraction of ayaw + ko.

2.         Ano with gusto requires the linker  -ng when immediately followed   by a noun. Notice the examples below:


                                                         Ano                       ang gusto mo?

                                                            Anong pagkain

                                    3.         Sentence Structure


                                                a. P     seudo verb       + actor             +objects

Gusto                ng babae          ng mabait at mpagmahal na lalaki


                                                b.        Inquiring about someone said.

                                                            Question marker    + raw/daw +pseudo-verb        + actor

                                                            Ano                  raw                 ang ibig/gusto    niya.

                                                            Sino                 raw                  ang gusto            ni  Melody.


 Note: raw is used if the word it follows ends in vowel, or w and y, and                        daw  is  used if the end letter of the word it follows is consonant.

                                                c.         use of ba in a sentence that is answerbale by yes or no

                                                            Pseudo-verb    pronoun    +ba               object (uses ng)

                                                            Gusto              mo               ba                 ng kendi.


                                                            Pseudo-verb    +ba            name(uses ni)        object

                                                            Gusto              +ba             +ni Liza        +ng mapagmahal.

                                                            Pseudo-verb    +raw/daw  +ba   name(uses ni)     object

                                                            Ibig                  +daw         +ba    + ni Liza    +mag-asawa.

                                                d.         asking alternative choice questions


                                                            Pseudo-verb    pronoun  +ba    object   +o(or)       +object

                                                            Gusto              niyo           ba    ai Lara   +o        +Christian.


C.        Gawain Pagkatapos Makinig at Magbasa

                        Post- Listening and Reading  Activity


1.         Mga gawain upang malinang ang bokabularyo

Activities to develop vocabulary

A.        Nawawalang pang-uri sa awit

Missing adjectives in the song

Direksyon:       Muling pakinggan ang awit at piliin ang titik ng nawawalang pang-uri.

Direction:        Listen to the song again and choose the letter of the missing adjectives.


Kung ako'y mag-aasawa, (1)_____ ng puso ang ibig ko
At ako'y handa sa hirap, maging (2)____ man ang ulam ko
Ibig ko'y (3)______, kahit kung minsa'y mali ako
Di ko ibig ang seloso, sa gabi't araw nanggugulo

Ang ibig ko sa lalaki ay laging (4)______,
Ayaw ko sa barumbado, na agad nang (5)______
Ibig ko ay karinyoso, at laging romantiko
'Yan ba'y kaya mong idulot, sa aking puso, sabihin mo

Pamimilian: (Choices)

a. nambubuntal

b. tuyo

c. ganda

d. mapagmahal

e. mapagpatawad

B.        Nawawalang linya sa awit

Missing lines in the song

Direksyon:       Muling Pakinggan ang awitin at kumpletuhin ang

mga nawawalang linya. Piliin ang titik ng tamang sagot

Direction:        While listening to the song, fill in the blank with the            

missing lines. Check the letter of the  right answer..


Bakit ba ibang babae, ang hahanapin ko pang masdan
Pipikit ako sa kalye, habang tayo'y namamasyal

Kung ako'y mag-aasawa, ikaw na giliw ang ibig ko
Sa gayon anong ligaya, ang daranasin sa piling mo

Pagpipilian: (Choices:)

a. Kahit na ako'y mahulog, sa butas ng imburnal

b. Na magiging kabiyak ng puso, sa bawat oras ng buhay ko
c. Kung ang kariktan mo giliw, ang siya kong laging ibig tingnan
d. Manalig ka aking hirang, ikaw lamang ang giliw ko

C.        Pagsasaayos ng linya sa awit

Arranging the lines of the song

Direksyon:       Pagsunud-sunurin ang mga linya ng awit. Lagyan ng bilang

ang   patlang.

Direction:        Rearrange the song, write the numbers on the blank.


_____a. Kahit na ako'y mahulog, sa butas ng imburnal

_____b. Na magiging kabiyak ng puso, sa bawat oras ng buhay ko
_____c. Kung ang kariktan mo giliw, ang siya kong laging ibig tingnan
_____d. Manalig ka aking hirang, ikaw lamang ang giliw ko

_____e. Bakit ba ibang babae, ang hahanapin ko pang masdan
_____f. Pipikit ako sa kalye, habang tayo'y namamasyal
_____g. Kung ako'y mag-aasawa, ikaw na giliw ang ibig ko
_____h. Sa gayon anong ligaya, ang daranasin sa piling mo

                                    Translation of the words in the song

Direksyon:       Isalin ang salitang may salungguhit. Isulat ang titik ng tamang sagot.

Direction:        Translate the underlined word. Write the letter of the correct   answer.

1.      Kung ako’y mag-aasawa

a. if            b. mine                        c. like

2.      Ang ibig ko sa lalaki, ay lagging mapagmahal

a. if            b. mine                        c. like

3.      Ayaw ko sa barumbado na agad nambubuntal.

a. if            b. mine                        c. like

2.         Mga gawain upang subukin ang komprehensyon

Activities to test the comprehension

Direksyon:       Piliin ang titik ng tamang  sagot.

Direction:        Choose the letter of the correct answer.

1.         Isulat ang lahat ng ibig ng dalaga sa isang lalaki

Write all the things that a woman like in a man.


2.         Isulat ang lahat ng ayaw ng babae sa lalaki

Write all the things that a woman doesn’t like in a man.


3.         Ano-ano ang mga bagay na gagawin ng lalaki upang manuyo sa kanyang gustong mapangasawa? Isulat ang lahat sa patlang.

What are the things that a man will do to please her wife to be?Write              everything on the blank provided.


3.         Mga gawain upang matamo ang Historikal/Kultural na Impormasyon

                        Activities to know the Historicak and Cultural Information

Direksyon:       Isulat ang tamang sagot.

Direction:        Write the correct answer.


1.         Ano-ano ang mga kailangang ihanda para magpakasal?

What are the things you need to get married?

a.       Trahe de boda (wedding dress)

b.      Orihinal na Birth Certificate (Original na Birth Certificate)

c.       Sedula (Residence Certificate)

2.         Anong edad pwedeng mag-asawa?

What age are one allowed to get married?

a. labing-walo (18)

b. labing – anim (16)

c.  dalawanpu’t isa (21)

3.         Ilang araw ang paghihintay bago magpakasal?

                                    How many days should the couple wait before they get married?

                                    a. 10


                                    c. 21

4.         Mga gawain upang subukin ang Istrukturang Gramatikal

                        Activities to check the Grammatical Structure


A.       Gramatika


                                    Direksyon:       Isulat sa patlang ang tamang sagot.

                                     Direction:       Write the answers on the blank.

1.         Isaayos ang mga salita upang makabuo ng pangungusap. Isulat ng may   tamang istruktura ang pangungusap.(Arrange the words to make a   correct sentence)

a.                   mag-asawa gusto ko       ___________________________

b.                   niya ang ayaw raw ang ano _______________________

c.                   si si ba Diana Lara niyo gusto  o____________________


            2.         Piliin kung raw o daw ang dapat gamitin sa pangungusap.

Choose if raw or daw should be use  to form a grammatically correct    sentences

a.                   Gusto (raw, daw) niya ng mapagmahal na babae.

b.                  Ibig (raw, daw) ba ni Celso ng masipag na babae

c.                   Ayaw (raw, daw) ng babae nang madaldal.

B.     Pagsulat


Direksyon:       Punan ang nawawalang salita at isulat sa patlang ang nabuong pangungusap.

Direction:.       Fill the missing word and write the sentence on the blank.

Pamimilian (Choices)
Gusto          Ayaw            Ibig          Kung          Ba           Raw           Daw

1.         Ano ang ______ niya?


2.         ______ ba ni Liza ang mapagmahal na lalaki?


                                                3.         _____ daw ni Lara sa Jollibee.


Susi sa Pagwawasto:

Key to correction:

C. 1. A.
1. c
2. b
3. e
4. d
5. a
B.     C.                   D.            
1.c     46281357       1. a
2.a                            2. b
3.b                            3.c
4. d



1.                                 2.                                 3. 

1. ganda ng puso         1. Seloso                      1. gigiliwin

2. mapagpatawad        2. Barumbado             2. susuyuin

3. mapagmahal                                                3. Susunod sa utos

4. cari┼łoso                                                       4. papaypayan

5. romantiko                                                    5. Bubugawan ng lamok

                                                                        6. maghapong aawitan

                                                                        7. ipaghehele

3.                     4. 1                                                      2.                     3.

    1. b              1. Guato ko mag-asawa                      1. Raw             1. Ayaw

    2. a              2. Ano raw ang ayaw niya                  2. Daw             2. Gusto

    3.a               3. Gusto niyo ba si Lara o si Diana     3. Raw             3. Ibig